Outbound Dialer

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Outbound Dialer

In today’s competitive world, it is no longer sufficient to advertise and expect the market to come to you through an inbound phone call. Instead, existing customers need to be encouraged and enticed in order to be loyal and new customers need to be searched for. These days, companies are constantly looking to increase their customer service levels as retaining existing customers is far less cost intensive than attempting to win new ones. As a result, companies are proactively making contact with their customer base on a regular basis to increase customer service by way of outbound dialing. Before companies can jump into proactive outbound dialer software, they first must transition from inbound­only communications to a blended contact center with outbound dialing.

Additionally, outbound dialer can help with the transition to a blended contact center since companies can use these services to synchronize between a sudden or anticipated drop-off in inbound customer traffic and scheduling agents to conduct outreach with an assigned customer set. Moreover, outbound dialing enables businesses to efficiently conduct outbound call center tasks like marketing campaigns and sales follow­ups. It also offers automated dialing that delivers calls direct to agents, maximizing resource use and productivity, causing agents to remain productive during their shift as outbound dialing can be used to level out inbound traffic peaks and valleys with outbound dialing tasks. Conversely, if inbound traffic begins to pick up and the hold queue reaches a certain level, outbound agents can then be re­directed to field inbound calls using the intelligence that’s built into the blended system.

Benefits of Outbound Dialer Service

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is most definitely a ‘hunting’ exercise and not a case of get your proposition right and they will find you. Off­the­page advertising, TV advertising, direct mail or eShots all raise awareness of you, but with so much choice available to consumers, very seldom do organisations get more than a fraction of a percent responding to a call to action.

Converting Browsers to Buyers
It is easy to imagine the scenario, we are browsing a website, we have a real interest but we cannot find the information we need or have questions that the website just does not answer. What do we do, we leave that site and move to the next one, after all, there is plenty of choice.
Increasing Profitability Per Customer
It is the goal of every organisation to increase the number or value of products and services that a customer purchases from them. Take, for example, the insurance company, they would love to sell home insurance to every motor policy customer. However, very few organisations do anything other than the occasional mail shot to turn their desires into reality.
Customer Retention
With all of the systems we have in place regarding customer relationship management, policies, loyalty schemes, frequent­flier programmes, etc, we keep very close tabs on our customers. However, when was the last time you got a call from your favorite airline enquiring why you had not been flying recently, or from your supermarket asking why you are no longer using your Nectar card, etc.
So Why Do We Need To Automate Dialling?
Trying to put some of these outbound activities in place with manual dialling makes them cost prohibited. Punching in numbers from a list and listening to a ringing tone is both erroneous and time consuming. By automating the dialling process, even by autodialling from a screen, you can reduce non­productive time by 100 percent, by using predictive dialling productivity can be increased by as much as 300 percent.