toll free service center in mumbai

Toll Free Number

Toll free number is a 1800 series India telephone number used by businesses to allow their customers to reach them free of cost. For a tech­smart business, you need a tech- smart number that does more than you ever thought was possible by phone.Beyond in- and outbound calls, instantly activated local and toll­free phone numbers make it easy to control call routing, call tracking and even call analytics for as many numbers as your business requires.

Features of Toll Free Number

Professional Greetings

Having a professional voice greet and guide your customers when they call leaves a lasting impression of your business, vital in today's competitive world. Your current and potential customers expect to be greeted with a clear and friendly voice that reflects your commitment to quality and ultimately your dedication to service. Their confidence in your business will be boosted when they hear a clear and friendly voice on the line.

IVR & Multiple Departments
With Cloud Telephony your calling customers can choose from multiple departments. Even if your office is small ­ multiple departments can be created to give the impression of a bigger company. Size matters. With multiple extensions at your disposal you can create an IVR for call forwarding, voice mail and message delivery settings. With more choice on offer no customer will return disappointed.
Call Logs
Call logs throw light on who is calling whom and when. With Cloud Telephony, you can view not only inbound but also outbound call activity for your Tollfree phone number or do an advanced search to find recent activity from a specific phone number. History of records cannot be deleted.
Multi Agent Call Transfer
Stay connected wherever you are. Cloud Telephony enables you and your employees to stay connected irrespective of your location at any particular time. With Cloud Telephony, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home.
So Music On Hold
Treat customers with pleasant music while calls are being transferred and boast your company’s image.
Online Administration
View and manage your messages, account activity, call logs and settings online through web panel.